Where are you from? It is the question that initiate my artistic practice. It is an elementary question when it comes to starting a conversation with someone you barely know. It arises spontaneously, is supposedly easy to answer and encourages an approach in the first instance ... smooth. The answer, however, located to the questioned individual, in a specific territory, with a cultural identity, structures linked to gender, with a particular cultural identity, moving in a particular social stratum, sometimes revealing the intimate sphere and especially in many cases its limited fields of action. In short, this a priori superficial question is a great machine of meaning and typecasting, which sometimes oppresses and delimits.

   These limited fields of action, these cases of oppression and delimitation - exercised unconsciously by all of us - where we find the body clearly subjected to a power with a specific order closely linked to the territory, are what I am interested in experiencing symbolically through a multidisciplinary work of marked performative character. This performative and therefore relational character enables me to play, bewilderment, the decontextualization of a collective space-time, in search of a new collective conceptualization that calls into question the vagueness of the stories that revolve around the identity, migration and belonging. I sketch like this, a work that arises out of conflict, out of doubt. A work that invites us to rethink codes and formulas.

   Where are you from? What are you? It is, therefore, the starting point towards a reflection on the constitution of the subject, his identity and the multiple elements that interfere in the reality with which each subject lives. Concepts such as the body, the territory, the border or the real, the imaginary and the symbolic will be linked in an interdisciplinary practice of indefinite results ... the environment is put at the service of the idea, of the doubt, to lead to a project , a performance, an installation, a video, a drawing, a sculpture ... a footprint.