The artistic, social and educational project Real Stories of Local Heroines, born of the will to make women visible and give them the leading role that corresponds to them in a society that has historically linked them to the domestic sphere.

   The project has among its objectives, to make the invisible visible, taking women out of private space, to place them in the public sphere, using tools such as contemporary art and popular culture. With this project developed in several phases, we want to make palpable the daily and silent heroism of all women who for centuries - and even today - sustain the weight of society, empowering the participating communities.  


   Finally, we want to invite you to reflect on the role assigned to women, to show the burdens and responsibilities that have been imposed on them and to question them, this being the first step in building a more equitable, fair and responsible society.

   Directed by: María Abia y Tania García.




   The title of the first chapter alludes, on the one hand, to the toponym of La Esperanza, the place where the project was developed along with other points in the municipality of El Rosario, but, on the other hand, it refers to the conviction of living and forming part of a hopeful moment, in which women have taken on a single voice that speaks loud and clear, which can no longer be silenced.

    The project had several phases, starting with the search and discovery of these superheroines, and once we found them we began to develop the 1st phase: interviews and a photographic session. The 2nd phase: illustration and design turned these women into true comic book superheroines. The 3rd phase: dissemination and propaganda, filled the streets of the municipality with posters that, as an unexpected electoral campaign, surprised all the inhabitants. The installation of an information stand during the day of the La Manta Rock festival, together with the projection of a video created for the occasion, brought the project closer to a large number of people. And the sale of the merchandising designed with the images of the project, allowed to raise funds for an association of women of the municipality. The 4th phase: dramatization consisted of different recordings in which some of these superheroines also proved to be great actresses, concluding with the production of an audiovisual piece.


Sponsored: Department of Education of the City of Rosario.




    Artistic Mediation for Equality is the title of the essential educational part of this project, thanks to which many boys and girls can reflect on the social and educational burdens imposed on women, questioning the uncomfortable role of the superwoman and claiming a model of a more equitable society where we do not need any superheroine.

    The approach to the project is proposed through an exhibition in the educational center, the projection of the audiovisual piece Real stories of local heroines, and subsequent talks and debates, accompanied by plastic activities. All this promotes reflection from the gender perspective and favors the involvement of students, fulfilling the objectives of the project and promoting its continuity through the gaze of these adolescents, who will discover the multiple superheroines that surround them.

    Sponsored: Department of Education of the City of Rosario.