The performance art is over a hundred years old. It is perhaps the most immediate expressive form for the communication of artistic ideas. An open and multidisciplinary environment. A category in which sculpture, painting, music, theater, dance, poetry converge ... And yet, perhaps due to its own intangibility, there is a certain institutional and academic ignorance of this practice, capable of altering time and space with the single body tool.


  In 2008, when this project was carried out, there were few platforms and events that promoted the visibility and investigation of this practice in the Canary Islands. In response to this void, the 1st international meeting and reflection space was created on the island of Tenerife, not only to publicize the performance, but also to bring together the efforts of those who are interested in them.


  From these needs arises “Arte en Predicado”, a 9-month-long platform whose claim was to be a meeting as multifaceted as the performance practice itself. Proposing the sample of multiple actions and workshops that bring these practices closer to the inhabitants of San Cristobal de La Laguna, with local, national and international artists.

Direction and curating: Tania García.

Coordinator: Iván León Concepción

Sponsored: City Hall of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Government of the Canary Islands, Canary Islands Network Culture, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Injuve, University of La Laguna and Caja Canarias.